Detention Apps is an Indie Game Development Co. for Applications on the iPhone, iPad, Mac App Store, iTunes Store, Amazon Kindle, Google play and other Android operating systems. 

Inspired by one of the developer's own high-school detention stories all to skip school for a few hours. Here's how it began-- Pupil (aka Developer) wrote a note signing parental's name and turned it into the Attendance Office the day after skipping classes. Note transcribed, "Please excuse Pupil from school yesterday due to an unexpected dental appointment. Thank you.

Developer's brilliant, painstakingly crafted excuse failed to persuade the stealth-minded Attendance Aide and "the detention" was assigned. Developer did time served and was released early for good behavior. :) 

A little bit of mischief and unexcused absences are not always a bad thing. However, disobedience/disrespect, littering, and bullying are for big-time losers. :P

Create, develop and produce games for trouble-makers; except bulliesWhy?!? Because they suck! :(                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Games & Apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Mac App Store, Nook, Kindle, Google play and other Android operating systems. iTunes App Store, Amazon Kindle, Google play & Android OS Genres: Entertainment, Lifestyle, Puzzlers, Action & Adventure, Educational ("Life Lessons"), Simulation, Family & Kid Oriented ("Parental Lessons"), & Platformers.